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How to find the right Cygnett case for your iPad

By Cygnett,

When you are looking for a case for your new iPad, it can be difficult to find out which one that is going to fit your exact size and model. We have put together a sizing guide to make this process a little easier.


Identify your model number


The first step is to identify your iPad’s model number. This can be confirmed by one of two ways,


  • Look on the back of your iPad – in small writing towards the bottom of your iPad there should be a model number and serial number.

  • Locate in Settings – you can find your model number in Settings on your iPad by using the following steps


Step 1. Click on Settings

Step 2. Click on general

Step 3. Click on About

Step 4. Look for the section that says model number

Step 5. Tap the model number section to revel the actual model number which usually starts with the letter “A” followed by 4 numbers.

Identifying your iPad type

Once you have identified your model number you also need to know what type of iPad you have as there are 3 general classifications of iPad’s available:


  • - iPad Mini
  • - iPad
  • - iPad Pro

Some of you may know what type of iPad you have, and if so you can go on to the next section and find the right case. But for those of you who are still unsure, a quick google search of your model number will tell you what type of iPad you have, which generation it is in, the year it was released and it’s screen size. You can then use all this information in the bellow tables to find the best case for your iPad.

Finding the right case size

Now that you have identified your model number and your iPad type you can use one of the following tables to identify which Cygnett case is right for you.



iPad Mini Models

iPad Models

iPad Pro Models



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