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How does wireless charging work, and what are the benefits?

By Cygnett,

Wireless charging is a useful way to charge your device without cables, you can charge by easily placing your device on or next to or on a wireless charger. To utilise wireless charging, you need to have a wireless charging compatible device. Wireless chargers usually come in the form of discs, mats, holders or power banks which can be set up in convenient places to charge your devices.

Most phone companies now include wireless charging as standard in their newly released phones, but in terms of when certain manufacturers have implemented wireless charging the following models have wireless capabilities
           - iPhone 8 onwards
           - Galaxy S6 onwards
           - Note 8 onwards
           - P30 Pro /Mate 30 Pro


How does wireless charging work?


The technical terminology around wireless charging can be confusing, but a simple explanation can give you a general understanding of how it works. Wireless chargers have a coil inside them, which when they are activated (by a device being placed on them) begin to generate power. A wireless compatible device also has a coil inside it which allows it to receive the power generated by the charger. This process only works when the device and the charger are properly aligned with one another, and the charger does not emit wireless power when it is not in use.


What does the QI mean on wireless chargers?

QI is a commonly used standard in the wireless charging industry that indicates compatibility between a wireless charger and a device. There are a couple of competing standards, but Qi is currently the most popular and widely used.

The Benefits of Wireless Charging




Being able to simply place your device on a charger and have it start charging is much easier than plugging in cables. There are wireless chargers for all different situations and areas, such as bedside tables, desks and cars, so wherever you place your device, you can keep it charging.


Reducing ware


By constantly plugging and unplugging your device, you are slowly wearing down the connection, and eventually, it may no longer work. Wireless chargers can help reduce this ware on your device by minimising the number of times you have to use a corded charger.


Fast Charging


There are two main speeds that wireless chargers come with, 5W charging or 10W charging, though there is beginning to be an increase in 15W wireless chargers. Like with standard charging, the higher the watt the faster the charging, but it is important to note that different phones support different levels of wireless charging. For example, you will only be able to utilise the new 15W wireless charging if your phone manufacturer supports it in your phone model.


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