Warranty Policy

Warranty Claim Policy

For warranty claims, the client should contact Cygnett Philippines customer support info@cygnettph.com or call them at +63 (2) 8810 8503 for assessment.



  • Main Unit only. Functional Issues Only as well as Defects in Materials and Workmanship
  • All Cygnett Philippines Store products will honor the corresponding warranty coverage to sale items. Cygnett Philippines Store Service Center will honor warranty based on their own respective conditions.


  1. Free or bundled and premium items are not included.
  2. Unauthorized modifications from an unauthorized service provider.
  3. Damage caused by accident, unreasonable use or neglect, and lack of necessary maintenance.
  4. Damage or deterioration of any accessory or decorative surface/Cosmetic defects
  5. Damage resulting from failure to follow instructions contained in the Owner's Manual
  6. Damage due to flood, fire, acts of nature and/or force majeure


Warranty Claim Requirements

  1. Proof of purchase (Printed screenshot of email received during transaction, packing slip with warranty stamp)
  2. Name of client, order no, serial number of sku, address and payment method
  3. Copy of the Waybill showing date delivered to client's location.

** NO CHANGE OF MIND:  Change of color, upgrade, downgrade.

* Warranty type (repair or replacement) will solely be based on the discretion of Cygnett Philippines Store depending on the type of unit and based on Cygnett Philippines Warranty Guidelines.

* If eligible for a warranty claim, the client/s must return the item/s in its original packaging along with complete accessories. Missing accessories (i.e. cords, chargers, manuals, etc.) will not be honored for warranty claims.

* All warranty claims are subject to Cygnett Philippines Store, proper approvals and authorization as well as replication of actual functional defect and actual verification and confirmation of defect from Service

* Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.

* All sales are final.


Warranty Returns

We are happy to replace any defective item as long as it is covered by our warranty claim policies.